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Sargon W Zaia

Solutions for Success

Hello, my name is Sargon Zaia the founder, owner, and IT administrator of The i-Shakk™. Also, your friendly neighborhood Realtor! In 2009 I realized there was a real problem with computer and IT services. Most providers at the time required contracts and lengthy language filled with nonsense to complicate repairs for clients. That is when we started our no nonsense solution to IT services! The i-Shakk™ has provided thousands of clients with support in several aspects of computer support and related technology. We were among the first to offer and provide free pickup and free drop off for all repairs! I have provided services to commercial, residential, and nonprofit clients and have maintained back to back 5 star ratings on Yelp and Google respectively for several years. In 2017 I also obtained an Illinois Real Estate Broker license to provide professional Realtor® services to put your smart home together like never before. With the expansion of IFTTT/IOT technology in recent times it was only proper to combine my technological experience to provide support for the modern residence.

Sargon W Zaia, IT Admin, Realtor® Certified IT Proffesional.


Tech Support 773-569-1600

Tech Support email

Realtor Services 224-567-0948

Realtor email

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